Places We Love: New York City

We've been using blog posts to talk about different cities around the world that we love. These places hold special memories, jaw-dropping sights, or even just good ol' fun stuff to do! Previously, we've discussed Utrecht, Montreal, and Monaco! So where to next? Obviously, we need to talk about the gorgeous, the diverse, the sometimes intimidating, New York City


Confession: I have not been to New York City, which I know throws away any credibility I have away to talk about this subject. But NYC is still a place I'd love to experience, so I decided to ask some others from the With Love Darling team about their fav spots and places in the city.

I asked Emilie, our social media coordinator (she manages our beautiful instagram!), and a NYC native, what her favourite thing to do in the Big Apple is.


“I absolutely love picking up some hot cocoa and sitting down at Bryant Park, people-watching. Then I’ll head to Sel Rrose for drinks with friends before finding something funky like a roller disco party. There’s always something funky going on in NYC!”


Our founder, Elisabeth, is always finding herself back in NYC for a visit. Her favourite places include drinks at The Standard in the Meat Packing District ("It's like being in an episode of Mad Men. You'll get turned away for wearing jeans!"), jogging in Central Park, and tea at the Crosby Hotel

What are your favourite places to visit in NYC? Have a good weekend!

- Fraser

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