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We’ve interpreted the 17 Global Goals as 17 symbols that are simple and beautiful pieces. We want the wearer to forge a strong connection to the goals and speak about them to loved ones.

We believe in the power of word-of-mouth and social media to spread important messages across the world. Our Global Goals collection allows the wearer to show off their activism in a more discrete, elegant and refined manner. The charms appeal to everyone, whether they’re on a necklace, bracelet, or earring. To learn more about the Global Goals Collection, click here.

All profits gained from these charms will go towards the completion and pursuit of the global goals campaign. 


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Global Goal #17: Partnership (Vermeil)

"Awesome experience in buying! Thank you very much for being hands on. So excited about my new necklace."

Alison Eddy
Global Goal #6: Water Drop (Vermeil)

"My order was processed and delivered within a week! The Global Goals charms are lovely, meaningful gifts!"

Johanna Raine
Butterfly Medallion Necklace

"With Love Darling continues to deliver precious gifts that my wife adores. It is a delight to know Elisabeth and how her passions to bring peace, joy and beauty to the world are being fulfilled. Each experience I have had has been superb, and I know there will be more in the future!"

Jim Caton
The Global Goals Bangle

LOVE all about the brand and the passion behind.

Pernille Knudsen

Welcome to With Love Darling

Everyone remembers when, why and where they got their jewellery.

The pieces we wear weave tales of our adventures, values, and relationships. At With Love Darling, we believe in using jewellery as a tool that tells your own story, and is a symbol of what you experience and believe in.

A piece of jewellery can speak a thousand words.

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