Behind our fine jewelry



Recycling, Fair Trade, Conservation
"All our stones are conflict-free and the metals are recycled.

There is of course an extra cost to shipping from these areas as they are off the beaten track, but we have found a distribution process and infrastructure that makes it all possible.

Investing in these areas and economies by opening a workshop is, in my opinion, the only way to rebuild families and communities.

By giving people access to their craft and expertise, they gain opportunities, income and independence to take back control of their destiny."

Good working and salary conditions
With Fair Trade certified workshops, we support the 8th World Goal: Decent Work and Economic Growth. And we ensure that our workshops in developing countries like India and Afghanistan have workers who are treated fairly, are paid well, receive pensions and good health conditions. We visit our workshops often, so we know for sure that conditions are good.

Made from recycled gold and silver
"In a world where waste pollution is slowly but surely covering the planet, we make sure that all remaining materials from our jewelry production are recycled sustainably. We mainly use reclaimed silver, but also use small amounts of recycled gold and brass."

Recycled Packaging
"It's not just our jewelry materials. The cute little boxes and bags that you receive your precious pieces in - they're made from recycled paper and organic recycled cotton. They can easily be recycled to avoid the accumulation of rubbish. We're always on the lookout for new and better ideas to minimize our impact on the planet."