Make the world better by wearing luxurious jewelry.

"Best Sustainable Jewelry Brand" - Marie Claire

The new way of wearing jewelry

Most of us are aware
of the injustices in our world and the significant climate changes we face...
But where do we go from there?

Imagine wearing
elegant jewelry that not only is perfectly sustainable but contributes to
making the world a better place.

Built around the 17 Sustainable
Development Goals, every piece tells a story for a better future.

Combining the best of both worlds:

My mission
is to change the world anf my promise is to provide you with the most beautiful
jewelry that you can cherish for years to come, reminding you of your values,
your journey, and who you are.

Designed in Monaco
and handcrafted in workshops in developing countries, the beautiful jewelry provides vulnerable
communities with income to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

"No one can do everything,but everyone can do something"

"Hi, my name is Elisabeth Crossley-Wright. I'm a former Army Captain turned self-employed jewelry designer.

I was born and raised in Denmark, and after finishing school I decided to join the army, which led me to missions in Bosnia, Kosovo amongst others.

It was on these missions I got to see the huge inequalities in our world. Families trying to survive on $1 per day.

Ever since, I felt committed to do whatever I could to find a way to make the world a better place.

But I alone cannot change the world’, I thought.

What I can do though, is cast a stone across the waters to create ripples.

With Love Darling Was Born

I didn't want to start another charity organisation, because it's a one-way transaction. And while that is nice and you feel good from your selfless deed, I wanted something where people could fulfil their own needs and at the same time contribute.

With my lifelong passion for storytelling I then founded With Love Darling.Built on the belief that 1 piece of jewelry can can speak a thousand words.

For every person that wears our jewelry, the story about a better world gets told. 

And just as ripples spread out with a single stone, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching-effects.

How the dream became reality

"When I started designing jewelry, it was always with a focus on storytelling and communicating meaningful messages.

The first piece of jewelry I ever made with my own hands was a silver butterfly ring for my mother. It taught me the basics of making jewelry, and it's very special to me because I put so much work into that piece.

I wanted it set with diamonds, and that's how I met Jivan, the jeweler I work with today. He taught me everything I know, and without him, I wouldn't be able to do what I do.

I love the idea that your most important hopes and dreams can be disguised as a beautiful piece of jewelry or worn as a badge of honor for all that you stand for.

To me jewelry is all about storytelling, and the value of a piece is to be measured in its symbolism and sentimental value – as opposed to its monetary value."

Find the pieces closest to your heart today

I have built a community of inspiring women around the world, with a purpose in life and the willingness to empower and inspire others to pave the way for a better world. To buy, live and think more sustainably, and to contribute to people less fortunate than our selves.

For every new member of our family (Darlings), our community grows with a new inspiring person that will spread the word, make ripples, and create waves of positivity.

As part of With Love Darling you wear the pieces just as much for your own benefit as for others.  A constant reminder of who you are and a compass to guide you through life.

Every piece of jewellery contributes to families in need

My jewelry is handmade and produced sustainably in workshops in developing countries, creating income and opportunity for the most vulnerable and helping the SDGs become a reality.

The jewelry is produced in workshops around the world, with some made in Kenya by Maasai tribes-women, and some in India.

They may not have access to traditional education, but often learned a craft from their parents and grandparents. Making jewelry does not require formal training, but rather skills that are passed on from generation to generation. 

I strive to give these women and men the opportunity to earn an income to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.