Places We Love: Monaco

A few weeks ago we talked about our love for Tofino, British Columbia’s best kept secret, hidden away on Vancouver Island. I could go on and on about the endless coves to explore, waves to catch, and beaches to run on, but let’s check out a place on the other side of the globe. I asked Emilie, our social media manager, what her favourite place was in the world, and instantly she started gushing about Monaco.


Tucked beside France and the Mediterranean sea, Monaco is a city that breathes luxury and beauty. It brings people from all over the world who want to experience being close to the ocean, and to live in a small city that’s filled with things to do.


Here’s what Emilie had to say about her stay. Check out the places she recommends!

“I loved my stay at The Méridien, a hotel on the beach. There’s nothing better than staying somewhere that puts you in a complete tranquil and serene mood. There’s something about the city that just makes me feel glamorous and relaxed.


The Monaco aquarium (aka the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco) is probably one of my favourite places to spend an afternoon. You can spend hours just staring at the tanks, and finish the day with a drink on the terrace!

Hands down, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was at Maison Des Pâtes. The ravioli will change your life forever. Aggggh just talking about this makes me want to go back!”


What's a place that makes you feel relaxed and fabulous? Stay tuned for more of our favourite spots. 


- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling)

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