Places We Love: Tofino, B.C.

Each week at With Love Darling, we’ve been focusing on a particular charm that’s a part of our Global Goals Collection. While the charms represent the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we also want each one to invoke personal feelings of nostalgia, love, and more. How you interpret each charm is up to you.


This week, we’ve focused on Global Goal #14: Life Under Water, which is represented by the Fish Charm!


It’s pretty easy to pair up the symbol of the fish with the ocean, which is what I immediately do when I see this charm. I moved away from British Columbia just a year ago, and the first thing I always find myself missing (besides friends and family) is the ocean. Has it ever been scientifically explained why so many people find the sound of crashing waves and rolling tides so soothing?

If we’re being specific here, Tofino, B.C. is one of my favourite places on earth. Tucked away on the western side of Vancouver Island, it’s a small surfing town that I find myself wanting to return to constantly. It’s surrounded by sandy beaches stretching out for miles, the best sushi you’ll ever have, and if you’re lucky, a pod of whales that swim by every so often to say hey. It’s a magical little place where I’ve spent birthdays, family reunions, camping trips and more. Bring a raincoat though! 


Tofino is also an amazing place to re-centre yourself. It's an incredibly calming place, where salty, oceanside coves and quiet, damp forests can be found in every nook and cranny. Having places like this is important. While we're constantly hopping around this earth, it's good to have a getaway in mind where you feel at ease with yourself and your surroundings.


Thinking about going to Tofino? We've found a great site with all the best tips and tricks here.

Stay tuned next week for our inspirations and thoughts on the other Global Goals charms!


- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling)

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