Places We Love: Montreal!

Did you know that we’re based in one of the best cities in the world, aka Montreal, Quebec? That’s right, the With Love Darling team is based in the city of poutine, smoked meat and terrifying weather extremes.

Officially becoming a city back in 1832, Montreal has been a cultural melting pot within Canada, being a home for immigrants around the world, and having a mix of French and English speakers. The city is named after Mount Royal, the huge hill in its centre that rises 764 feet above sea level.


I moved here back in the fall of 2017, and it was a massive change from my small town in British Columbia. I’m used to the hiking trails, deep forests, and endless lakes, so you can imagine the culture shock when I arrived to a city with busy traffic, eclectic bars, and intense winters. It definitely took some getting used to, but I got there eventually.


I remember pretty clearly the exact time I started to fall in love with Montreal. It was early November, Halloween had just passed and I was deep in the job hunt. Constant days of pounding the pavement in a city I was unfamiliar with got exhausting, so after a particularly unsuccessful day, I retreated to the famous Mont Royal hill to collect my thoughts.

The forest of Mont Royal is incredible in autumn. The trees are a brilliant mix of gold, amber and red, and the temperature is a perfect chill that makes hiking around easy and not too much of a workout. After wandering through the maze of trees and walkways, I found myself not at the popular lookout spot, but at the iconic cross at the top of the hill. It was oddly quiet, a welcome break from living in the Plateau neighbourhood where it seems like there’s always a party going on. I instantly felt more centred, at home in this new world, and ready to take the city head on.

10 months later, and I’m still here! Montreal has been an amazing place for discovering new things, meeting people, learning a new language and more. It has a constant stream of free outdoor concerts, incredible variations on poutine, and a new bar you’ve never discovered just around the corner. So hurry up and come visit!


Until next time,


- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at WLD)

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