Fall Fashion: Outfit Inspirations For September

Everyone knows one of the best things about fall is the fashion. You can play with different layers without getting too bulky, and you can experiment with hats, scarves, or any other clothing options that wouldn't work in the summer. However, it can get overwhelming knowing you have so many options to customize with! Here's some fall fashion tips we've picked up recently:

- Find your palette: To keep a consistent autumnal style, choose three to four colours you find go well together, and work with it! A classic colour combo for fall is brown, tan and orange hues, so why not start with that?


- Accessorize with bright colours: Now that we'll be breaking out the scarves, gloves and other cool accessories, how can we make them stand out? As long as it doesn't clash too harshly with the outfit, use it to add a splash of bright colour to your autumn-hued ensemble.     


- Layer your necklaces: We're saying this because we obviously love a necklace with a chic outfit (check out ours!), but seriously, two necklaces adds layers of customization and story to what you're wearing.


- Make a statement with your earrings: Before the brutal cold moves in that has you covering up your head with a big wooly hat, use an assortment of different earrings to add the extra pop of colour to your outfit. Our suggestion? Our Global Goals Earrings!


Need some more inspo? Here's some fall fashions we love from some of our favourite celebs.

Kendall Jenner

Karlie Kloss

Christine Baranski (Pssst. Watch The Good Fight)

Victoria Beckham (Pumpkin spice up your life!!!)


Happy shopping!


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