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Miniature Charm choker
Miniature Charm choker
Together we are lucky
Wish Necklace - little star
Butterfly Medallion Necklace
Fly Me to the Moon Necklace
18k Gold link chain
18k Gold link chain
From $600.00
Our hearts are always close
Loyalty Necklace - little elephant
Together we are stars
Lizard medallion necklace
Together we can fly
Victory Necklace - little palm
You give me guidance
Hummingbird medallion necklace
Closure Necklace - Little Key
Luck Necklace - little clover
Peacock medallion necklace
Guidance Necklace - Little Angel
Love Necklace - little heart
Dragonfly Medallion Necklace
Hope Necklace - Little Bird
Silver initial necklace
Gold Initial Necklace
Silver initial disc necklace
Gold Initial Disc Necklace
Gold Leaf Necklace
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