Want To Make A Statement? Check Out Our Global Goals Earrings!

I got my ears pierced when I was 17. My friend and I were working in an orchard during a hot British Columbia summer, and after a long shift we wanted to do something a little crazy, mainly out of pure boredom. We wandered over to the local piercing and tattoo parlour where they offered an exclusive 2-for-1 deal, and without giving it much thought we went ahead and did it. Cut to me five minutes later, squeezing the life out of my friend’s hand while I get two, shiny barbell studs punctured into my earlobes. And I still wear them today! What's your first ear-piercing story?


Anyway, earrings are a great accessory to have to put a finishing touch on any outfit. No matter what your mood or activity, a simple (or not-so-simple!) pair of earrings or studs can make your gorgeous face POP!


And guess what? To go with our Global Goals Collection, you can get the charms on these sleek, beautiful gold hoops (that will soon be available to buy on their own!).

Want something to show off your love for the change in seasons? Try the Tree of Life or the Bese Saka!

In need of inspiration to work hard and get a boost of energy? You might like the Energy Medallion or the Hammer earrings.


The best part? You can easily slip the charms off the hoops to change the look, or add more charms! Head over to the Global Goals Collection page and be sure to choose the earring option. Which one will you choose?


Until next time!


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