The Best Of 2019

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One of my favourite things about a year drawing to a close? Lists! Sure, reflecting on personal accomplishments is a good thing as well, but it's fun to reminisce about simpler stuff that made us happy and made the year a little brighter. Here's some of With Love Darling's favourite things from 2019!


Personal Accomplishments

WLD travelled to India, doubled down on our Global Goals commitments, and launched new products!



Our Favourite Album

No album made us love ourselves more than Lizzo's fantastic "Cuz I Love You". Filled to the brim with self-loving bops, soulful ballads and fierce raps, Lizzo's breakthrough year was so fun to watch.


Our Favourite Movie

While 2019 had tons of great films, Little Women stood out the most to us. Incredible performers and a story filled with heart, tragedy and comedy, we'll be remembering it for awhile. 


Image result for trick mirror by jia tolentino

Our Favourite Book

Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino is a dazzling collection of essays on the internet, the self, feminism and politics.


Image result for the crown season 3

Our Favourite TV Show

Netflix's The Crown came roaring back, with a new cast of actors playing the aged Queen, King and Princess, as we learned more about the tumultuous drama of the British royals.  


Stay tuned for more of our 2019 favourites! 

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