Sustainability During The Holidays

It’s easy to fall under the spell of the holidays. Gifts become top priorities and achieving that picture perfect festive week is on everyone’s lists. But just because it’s the season of giving doesn’t mean we can get lazy when it comes to making sustainable choices and reducing waste. As always, With Love Darling is committed to practicing what we preach when it comes to sustainable measures in creating our jewelry. Each piece is made with love, thought, and an understanding of the sustainable development goals to make the future a better place. 

So, how can you make the holidays a little more environmentally friendly? Here’s some tips: 


Use a living Christmas tree 

Plastic trees are reusable, but use up resources in manufacturing and shipping, and also end up in landfills. Live trees are biodegradable, compostable, and contribute to air quality. 


Buy smart 

For gifts, decorations, food, and more, think about where you’re buying from. Do the companies contribute to pollution, or do they use recycled sources? Support local when you can, and put an extra dash of research into what you’re getting. 


Less lights 

We all love the glow of Christmas lights, but try considering how much you really need. The cost of electricity can be high, and it drains natural resources. Keep it simple when it comes to decorating your home, shop for mini-lights, and turn them off during the daytime or while you’re asleep.  


New ways to wrap 

Half of the paper used in America each year is for wrapping and decorating presents. Try using recycled paper to wrap your gifts, and use tape sparingly.  


How will you be spending your holidays? Things may be different this year, but we’re confident things will be just as magical.

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