Our Commitment To Keeping Our Company Sustainable

At With Love Darling, we practice what we preach. As longtime partners of The Global Goals program, we work hard to make sure our jewelry and message is clear when it comes to keeping our business practices sustainable, environmentally-conscious, and fair.


As mentioned on the Global Goals website, our current reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable and harmful to the planet, so people worldwide (especially businesses) need to change the way we produce and consume energy.


Want some reminders as to how we, at With Love Darling, keep smart and sustainable business practices a reality?


Jewelry is made from valuable materials and ores, and the mining industry isn’t always environmentally friendly. In fact, 82% of the world’s silver is fully mined. All our products are made from recycled silver and gold. When you recycle, you can lower carbon dioxide emissions by 65%, as opposed to mining. 


And it’s not just our jewelry. All our signature boxes and pouches that we deliver the products in? They’re made from recycled materials as well, and can be recycled again!

While our product is important, the people who help us bring these pieces to life are part of our team, and we only work with workshops who provide good conditions for their workers. Just last year, we visited one of our workshops in Jaipur, India to verify conditions were being met, and workers were being paid fairly.


And that’s just a bit of what we as a company are doing to make sure we’re helping make the Global Goals a reality. This year has shown us more than ever that we need to work together to bring forward a sustainable and peaceful future. With Love Darling is with you, and we’re excited for the future!

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