Some Montreal Lifestyle Blogs We Love!

We like to consider ourselves so much more than jewelry here at With Love Darling. We cherish connections being made with those around us, and the constant discovery of new things, whether it be new music, stories or food! As we talked last week about being based in Montreal, we love being in this fantastic city, and encourage you to come see what else we have to offer.

In the meantime, here's some other Montreal lifestyle blogs we've had our eye on these past weeks, and we're totally in love with them!

Petite and Bold

Run by Josie, Petite and Bold is a lifestyle blog filled to the brim with gorgeous style, minimalist decorating, and beautiful photoshoots.  


Montreal Maven

When you think of Montreal, you usually think of poutine, right? Sure, it's delicious, but don't forget that the city has so much more yummy bites to offer! Cally's blog talks about her love for the city, as well as the many mouth-watering spots to check out.

Eat, Drink & Be Carrie

Carrie's blog has everything you need to prepare for a luxurious trip to Montreal. There's countless recommendations for food, fitness, fashion, decor, travel and more! 

With All My Affection

Arielle gives fantastic beauty and makeup tips on her blog, along with some yummy recipes and fabulous looks.


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