Some Facts On Recycling Gold

It’s obvious some changes need to happen. Our planet is in dire need of our leaders to step up to the plate, and further commit to making big changes to better our environment in the name of sustainability.


As we covered before, With Love Darling is fiercely committed to sustainable businesses practices with our jewelry, and we’re not pulling any punches when it comes to doing business right. All our products are made from recycled silver and gold.


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Gold mining and gold products are a massive monopoly worldwide. But thankfully, gold recycling is on the rise. Here’s some facts you may not have known when it comes to recycling and fine jewelry.


- U.S. consumers throw away up to $60 million USD in gold and silver via discarded cell phones each year.


- When it comes to worldwide gold consumption by industry, 50% goes towards jewelry, 40% goes to investments, and 10% goes towards industry and manufacturing.


- Jewelry, bullion, coins, and other high-value scrap accounts for 90% of recycled gold. The rest comes from electronic and industrial waste.


- 2009 was the busiest year on record for gold recyclers, with tons recycled globally.


- As gold prices fell, recycling reached a 7-year low in 2014 with only 1,1112 tons recycled.


- In 2014, the U.S. consumed 165 tons of gold and recycled 200 tons of gold scrap. In 2015, it was 150 tons of gold, and 140 tons of scrap recycled. 


So what does this tell us? Overall, recycled gold is on the rise, but it isn’t consistent. We need to push the message on the importance of recycling our materials, so we can build a better, more sustainable future.

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