It's International Day of Happiness!

It’s International Day of Happiness! Be joyful! Be excited! Be in love with what life is currently bringing you!

Wait, what does this day even mean?

The International Day of Happiness was founded in 2011 by United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien, with the hopes of inspiring a movement of global happiness. This day in particular, March 20th, was chosen due to this being the same day as the March equinox, when Spring is officially supposed to begin within the Northern Hemisphere. In other words, lots of sunshine is on its way!

On days like these, it’s necessary to reflect on what is currently making you happy, but also what’s not. And as we mentioned in last week’s blog post, it’s important to take advantage of change. Don’t be afraid of putting your needs in the forefront, especially if it’ll bring you the happiness you’ve been craving. 

Pssst. In need of something beautiful to pair with your happy mood? Our gorgeous Love Drop Charms come in a variety of colours, to match whatever mood you’re feeling! 

Happy day of happiness!

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