Spring Into New Beginnings

Winter can be hell on earth for many. It’s easy for some people to remember the winter months as a quaint time of year, thanks to the holidays, a new year beginning and excuses to stay inside. But for others, winter represents harsh colds, a constant case of the sniffles, and making a simple trip to the grocery store a complete pain. Overall, we can be pretty split on our opinions on the months of December, January and February. So now that spring is rolling in, it represents the rebirth of a new lifestyle for many. We can throw out our oversized boots, make plans to meet friends in the park, and start prepping our summer vacation destinations.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re one to get easily down in the dumps thanks to the cold, grey winter weather, it’s important that you start preparing to launch yourself into that springtime optimism. All over the world, spring shares a common symbolism of rebirth, regrowth and renewal. So why not incorporate that into your life?

Now that the winds of winter have subsided, maybe it’s time to take up a jogging routine, or possibly check out that store that seemed like too far of a walk. Listen to some artists that friends have always suggested but you never tried, or ask out that special someone you’ve been wanting to hang out with to a movie. It’s time to start making changes. And besides, spring is known as the growing season, so why not grow with it?

Speaking of spring, check out some of our favourite jewelry that reminds us of this time of year.

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