7 People In Fashion Who Have Broke Barriers

Obviously, we love fashion here at With Love Darling. It’s an industry that’s constantly evolving, inspiring, and creating, and we’re so happy to be a part of it! It’s also important that there are always new, fresh voices being introduced into the fashion world, and we’re so excited to see what they’ll be coming up with next. Here are 7 people in the fashion world who have, or are continuing to break barriers.
1.    Hedi Slimane
A French and Tunisian photographer, Slimane has wowed in the past due to his work with Dior, by bringing back the skinny-jeans grunge look back in a fashionable manner. He’s just started his new position as artistic and creative director for Céline, where he’ll be creating a male line of clothing and perfumes.

2.    Virgil Abloh
The Ghananian-American fashion designer has just started as the artistic direction for Louis Vuitton’s Menswear, and was previously known for designing Kanye West’s fashion line. He’s the third black designer to ever head a French fashion house, and his accomplishments are a landmark for racial equality in fashion.

3.    Grace Jones
The iconic Grace Jones is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and supermodel.  Known for her androgynous style and bold appearance, Jones’s important representation and work towards the fashion scene defined the visual landscape of the 70s and 80s, and still creates art today.

4.    Coco Chanel
The revered designer who founded Chanel was credited for liberating women from traditional corsets, and introduced stylish and comfortable new clothes for them to wear. She went on to produce jewelry, handbags, perfume, and more famous clothes, and her legacy lives on as one of the most important fashion designers of all time.

5.    Isis King
This supermodel first appeared on the 11th season of America’s Next Top Model, and was the first transgender woman to ever appear on the show. She’s since modeled in photoshoots, runways, and even acted in several television shows, being a fantastic icon for representation.
6.    Heroda and Hermon Berhane
Born in Eritrea, Africa, these gorgeous twins moved to the UK in hopes of modeling, but were turned away from several agencies due to the fact that they’re both deaf. They now are advocates for people with disabilities in the fashion industry to stay employed, and are about to blow up in the modeling world.

7.    Teatum Jones
Composed of British designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones, the pair have casted disabled models in hopes of bringing better representation to provide gorgeous fashion pieces for all body types. 

Who are some fashion icons that inspire you? Stay tuned for more updates. xo
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