5 More Of Our Favourite Podcasts of 2018

This blog post is inspired by our Community Charm, a symbol for the 11th Global Goal: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Make your community stronger by listening to those around you!


It may be winter, but that's not stopping me from trekking around all of Montreal! Podcasts are my loyal companion for my travels around the city, helping expand my mind, making me laugh like a crazy person in public, and keeping me updated on all the overwhelming news of the world. Our last podcast post got some great feedback, so here's 5 more recommendations from the WLD team!


Desert Island Discs

The premise is simple. Diverse people from around the world break down what 8 songs, 1 book and luxury item they would bring on a desert island and why. Some of these people's answers may surprise you. What would you bring?



Ever wonder what happened to Ashlee Simpson's music career? Or exactly what K-Pop is? Popcast brings together musicians and music reviewers to discuss the history of popular music and how exactly it's influenced by the global cultural changes throughout the years. 



 Unexplained explores unsolved, real-life mysteries that experts have never been able to comprehend. It's spooky, engrossing and illuminating, but beware: don't come looking for solid answers.


Little Gold Men

If you're like me, the Oscars are your Superbowl. Little Gold Men gets opinions from Vanity Fair's best and most opinionated film critics on what movies and actors have the strongest chances of nabbing the Academy Award, and how exactly Academy voters are influenced on their choices. 



Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Everyone's favourite hairstylist from Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness has a podcast that asks the questions we've always wondered, ranging from astronomy, the economy, and bees, all while being joined by celebrities who give their own opinions. 


What are your favourite podcasts? Happy listening! 

- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling)

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