6 Podcasts You Should Tune In To

This blog post is inspired by our Community Charm, a symbol for the 11th Global Goal: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Make your community stronger by listening to those around you!


Podcasts are taking over. Popular true-crime podcast Serial just premiered it's third season with a record-breaking 3 million downloads in its first day. People are wanting to hear diverse and intriguing stories from around the world, and podcasts are the answer.

We're huge podcast listeners here at With Love Darling. I listen to at least one a day during the commute to work, while cooking, or even to help fall asleep. I asked around with the team at WLD, and put together a list of our favourite podcasts to recommend! (Links are in the title!)

Armchair Expert

Actor and comedian Dax Shepard isn't a licensed therapist, but listen as he gets people from all over Hollywood to open up and talk candidly about anything and everything.



Keep It!

"A show about pop culture, politics, and what happens when they smack into each other at alarming speed." Listen to hosts Ira Madison III, Kara Brown and Louis Virtel discuss all the stories dominating the headlines with savvy and smart banter. 


Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

Who wouldn't want Oprah and her friends giving you advice at all times? Super Soul Conversations is designed to lift you up and inspire you, with deep and earnest interviews between Oprah and other likeminded individuals. 


Masters of Scale

Ever wondered how a company grew from zero to a billion? Reid Hoffman explores all of the world's biggest companies, and explains how one can find global success. 

Throwing Shade

The hilarious Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson explain serious injustices around the world, while making it as funny as possible. It seems like an impossible feat but the comedians make the unbearable.... bearable. 


The Global GoalsCast

Global GoalsCast is a podcast series focused on storytelling for good. The podcast inspires listeners to take action by sharing the stories of known and unknown heroes who are making positive change in the world.  This female-run podcast, with a bias towards girls, is an innovative and compelling medium through which to communicate the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals.



Which podcasts are you listening to? Let us know, and happy listening?

- Fraser

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