5 Things We're Looking Forward To This Autumn

Guess what I wore today? Jeans!!! I honestly haven’t worn pants since early May, and I am so happy to start wearing clothes that aren’t worn-down shorts and sweat-stained t-shirts. Yep, autumn is slowly but surely arriving, so it’s time to start getting excited about decaying trees, comfy clothes and Halloween (or if you don’t celebrate it, cheap-grocery-store-candy-time).


There’s more coming in these next few months than just pumpkin-spiced foods and instagram-worthy landscapes though. Here’s a small list of some things that the team at With Love Darling are super excited for this autumn!


1. Scary Movie Marathons

Look, I know that not everyone likes horror movies, but I’m obsessed. Obviously watching them alone is less than ideal, but I can guarantee a horror movie marathon with friends is such a blast. To me, horror films are like a roller coaster, jerking you around and giving you an experience that most other movies can’t. So grab some friends, buy your favourite snacks and drinks, and stay in for the night with a fantastic scary flick.


My current suggestions:


2. A Star Is Born

Speaking of movies, Oscar season is officially underway, so keep your eyes out for the movies in theatres that are hopeful to win some awards. One film that’s causing a lot of buzz is A Star Is Born, a remake of previous films starring Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand. It’s a musical epic about two musicians who fall in love. Sounds simple, but it’s starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, the first starring movie role for the pop singer. Early reviews of the film promise that it’s an incredible picture, so be sure to check this out when it comes October 5th!


3. Gorgeous Fall Weather

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s still worth repeating again how gorgeous autumn can be, especially here in Montreal (you need to see what Mont Royal looks like in October). All the parks turn incredible shades of red, yellow and orange, and the temperatures are still perfect for camping and hikes. Take advantage of the lingering warmness that will stick around in September to squeeze in those last few beach trips, visit that hiking spot you’ve been putting off all summer, and absorb those last few drops of sunshine! Here's a site with different festivals and events in Montreal in the next few months!


4. Baking Season

Sure you can bake all year round, but whenever I tried making a tray of muffins in the summer, it overheated my kitchen and made everything feel unpleasant. Also, several fresh fruits are in peak season during the fall, so be sure to drive into recipes involving pumpkin, apples, squash and cranberries! Need new recipes? Check out our previous blog post about our favourite food blogs!


5. Some HUGE Announcements from With Love Darling!

Secrets are hard to keep, but I promise this will be worth the wait! We have some incredibly exciting surprises in store for the next few months, including an amazing partnership and some new products! Stay tuned for more!

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