5 Food Blogs We're Loving Right Now!

As I'm preparing for my big move across town, I'm excited to learn that my new place has a fully-working kitchen with all the supplies I could need (a huge improvement over my current place). I'm determined to start ditching the oh-so-tempting takeout and get into cooking my own meals as much as possible. So naturally, I've turned to the internet for some great recipes and tips. Here's 5 of my favourite food blogs I've found so far, and they're all based in Canada!

A Canadian Foodie

A Canadian Foodie, run by Valerie Lugonja is massive, with any kinds of recipes you can think of. It's a good site to start your dive into the cooking world.



Jenn has healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but her specialty is her incredible-looking desserts. Check out her S'mores cookies!



Isabelle has a vast variety of unique and affordable recipes. My fav? The Peach Lassi Smoothie is something I'm dying to try ASAP.


She Loves Biscotti

A Montreal local, Maria has recipes for any occasion, including a whole section just for Christmas food! Also, as per the name, check out her fantastic biscotti recipes too. 


Spice and Sprout

Vancouver-based Maya has incredible vegetarian recipes and photos that are all about living on a healthy budget. Her Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Swirl Loaf looks insanely good.


What are some of your favourite recipes? Let us know!



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