5 New Healthy Recipes You Need To Try Out This Month

For those wondering, my big move across town was successful! I'm insanely lucky to have some great friends who helped me throw out the big stuff, load up the U-Haul, and sweep into my new apartment with ease. And wow, am I loving this new place. It has an espresso machine!! Air conditioning! Possibly a ghost! Okay that's another story, but most importantly my new place has a huge, fully-functional kitchen with every utensil I can think of. Thank god for already-furnished apartments. 

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm challenging myself to move away from the greasy take-out and start making some homemade recipes. Here's 5 easy, yet healthy things to take a crack at this month. Let's compare notes on how it goes! (Click the titles to get the full recipe) 



Healthy Veggie Muffins (from The Canadian Foodie)

Muffins are my go-to in the mornings. It's tempting to go towards making buttery, sweet, chocolate-filled treats, but why not try out these veggie-based muffins that are filled with healthy ingredients like zucchini, carrot and apples. It sounds a little bit different, but the benefits will be great for jump-starting your morning!


Watermelon Mint Salad With Goat Cheese (from Foodess)

I'm a goat cheese maniac. It's probably the best cheese in the world, and I challenge you to fight me on that. This refreshing salad is quick to make and will be a lasting reminder of the fading summer. Also watermelon and mint are a killer combo!



Grilled Peach Lassi (from Crumb)

Every tried a lassi? It's a tasty East Indian drink made from yogurt, spices and fruit that's a great dessert after a big meal. It's typically made with mango, but Crumb's recipe tries a twist by using grilled peaches instead, and the results are heavenly.



Roasted Vegetable Pasta (from She Loves Biscotti)

I'm also a nut for pasta, but lately the rich sauces have been a bit much for me. This recipe is a great way to get rid of leftover vegetables, and leaves lots of room to experiment. Make several batches of this to use for future lunches!


Creamy Chickpea Broccoli Coconut Curry (from Spice and Sprout)

With colder temperatures on their way, curries are some of my favourite meals to cook to keep cozy. This spicy and creamy curry uses tons of healthy ingredients to warm you up, and smells incredible. 


Good luck cooking! Let me know how it goes.

- Fraser (Communications Coordinator for With Love Darling) 

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