Wonder Women: Livia Firth

At With Love Darling, we're continuously inspired by all the incredible women of the world. This week, we're giving a shoutout to an amazing public advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry, Livia Firth!

Studies have shown that the fashion industry is the 2nd highest polluter in the world. That makes it difficult when you're interested to go into this industry, but also want to keep a sustainable and humanitarian approach.

Livia Firth is a global ambassador for Oxfam, where she's pointed out many ethical issues within the fashion industry, calling for change.

Firth is also responsible for establishing Eco Age in 2009, a firm that helps provide sustainability solutions for brands around the world. In simpler terms, if you feel like your company needs to make moves that don't just benefit yourself with globally sustainable results, Eco Age helps in that regard. Companies that have received advice from Eco Age include Gucci, Stella McCartney, Chopard and more.

"I don't want to be a spectator in my life," she stated while being awarded the UN Leader of Change award in 2012. "When you are in control, it means you can take responsibility."  

Firth has also teamed up with the iconic Annie Lennox to launch The Circle, an advocacy group working to overcome poverty and sexism, while empowering women around the world.    

Working to make the fashion world a better place, Livia Firth is a woman we're looking up to, and inspires us to keep a sustainable mindset!

Who's your Wonder Woman this week? 

- Fraser

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