Wonder Women: Carmen Busquets!

At With Love Darling, we're continuously inspired by all the incredible women of the world. This week, we're giving a shoutout to luxury and fashion entrepreneur, Carmen Busquets!

Said to be one of the first professional investors to see the value in luxury e-commerce, this Venezuelan businesswoman has invested in dozens of fashion-tech companies in the UK and US alone!

Living in Venezuela (which was undergoing a military coup in the 1990s), Busquets wanted her brand to expand beyond her country.

“If I wanted my high fashion business to survive in a country like Venezuela with so many political and economic instabilities and changes, I needed to expand and sell to my international network of client and friends that I had thanks to the fact that we lived and grew up in five countries other than Venezuela.”  

Thus began her entrepreneurship with e-commerce fashion, making her a major staple in the beginnings of the online fashion world! Now, Busquets is behind big names like Moda Operandi, Farfetch, Cult Beauty, LYST, and much more!

We're inspired by Carmen's drive and business-savvy. Learn more about her here. Who's your personal wonder woman this week? 

Have a great weekend!

- Fraser

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