Women's Wednesday: Thandie Newton

Welcome to another Women's Wednesday! We'll give focus to an incredible woman in the world who is using her platform for good, and promoting sustainability among other ways to keep our planet happy, healthy, and whole. Today's spotlight goes to British actress and icon, Thandie Newton!

Best known for her roles in Mission Impossible, Crash, and Westworld, this Emmy-winning superstar has won many awards for her commitment to the craft, but she's proven much more talented beyond just acting. 

She's also an outspoken activist when it comes to fighting climate change and women's rights in the workforce, calling out gender inequality and more within the film industry. Appearing in the Global Goals Nations United Video, Thandie has made it clear she's using her voice for the greater good, as well as giving an enlightening interview on her career for Vulture earlier this year. Also check out her Instagram, where she's bringing attention to important issues and organizations like the Disasters Emergency Committee and Amnesty UK. 

We're inspired by Thandie, and are dedicating this Wednesday to her!

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