Women's Wednesday: Robin Wright

Welcome to another Women's Wednesday! We'll give focus to an incredible woman in the world who is using her platform for good, and promoting sustainability among other ways to keep our planet happy, healthy, and whole. Today's spotlight goes to iconic actress and activist, Robin Wright!

Known best for her roles in The Princess Bride and House of Cards, Robin has moved beyond just starring in our favourite TV shows and films, and has used her voice to amplify various organizations and causes to help make the world a better place.

She launched her own charitable sleepwear line with her business partner Karen Fowler called Pour Les Femmes, with profits going towards helping women in the Congo who have survived violence. 

"You’re sitting there as a free person of this planet. You can do and say whatever you want. You’re free to go, you have convenience, security. They have none of that. [So you think] ‘I can give you money, but what do you really need?’ Each and every one of them said ‘We need you,’ meaning America, ‘to be our voice. Nobody knows what’s going on here. We don’t have a voice in our country.’ That’s why Karen and I decided to build this company - to make that a voice for them." - Robin Wright

And that's not all. Robin has championed other causes like The Sunnylion and The Gordie Foundation, and is also always bringing attention to her various organizations and their causes on her Instagram

We're always cheering on amazing women like Robin who use their status for good. Let's all keep up the good work!

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