With Love Darling on HIBT with Guy Raz!!! (Can you believe it?!)

Yesterday a huge dream came true! I was invited on my all time favourite podcast ' HOW I BUILT THIS' hosted by the formidable Guy Raz! 

I have been listening to HIBT since Guy Raz started it back in 2016, and I have laughed, cried, worried and celebrated alongside of the founders who were interviewed on the show.

I have learned so much from all the different stories, and here are my main takeaways:

  • Every path to success is different.
  • Its necessary and important to fail - dont fear it!
  • You learn from failure
  • The journey is often the best part 

It can be a lonely journey to be an entrepreneur, but through listening to the show, i felt part of a community, and i felt i was 'on the right track', if that makes sense...

So how did i get onto the show, you might ask? Well - here's the great thing: Guy Raz is launching a new version of HIBT, a mentership program, where budding founders such as myself get to talk to a former guest and founder, and ask for their advice.

I wont spill the beans (yet) on who my mentor was, but what i can tell you is that it was AWESOME! And so surreal to talk to Guy, who has been a legend to me for so long.

They say you should never meet your heros, but this was absolutely the exception. It was WONDERFUL!

Stay tuned to hear when we will be on the show!

With Love,

Elisabeth xx

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