Why Jewelry?

Sometimes, when picking out our next piece of jewelry to add to our collection, we ask ourselves why. What is it about these little trinkets that adorn out bodies that make them so special or sentimental? 

It’s a feeling and opinion that varies depending on who you ask. Initially, the importance of jewelry originates in history due to its ritualistic nature. 

In ancient Chinese culture, wearing jade jewelry was believed to protect the wearer from disease, evil spirits, and more misfortunes. In Egypt, the deceased were covered in specific pieces do they could be identified and rich in the afterlife. Even with Indigenous tribes, jewelry depends on the colours, which are connected to various aspects of nature and gave them power.  

They were often used as symbols of power, but also became symbols of love or significant events in our lives. When we gift someone a necklace, ring, charm, or bracelet, we’re helping them tell a specific story, whether that be one of great love, or even something as simple as a shared day together.  

What makes the act of choosing or gifting a piece of jewelry is that the power rests in your hands for finding meaning behind it. We decide our fates and what stories we choose to tell. That may sound dramatic, but that’s the beauty (and drama!) of jewelry for you!

So when you choose a new piece to gift to someone or to yourself this holiday season, think about what you want it to signify. What is it to you?  

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