What To Watch: DIAGNOSIS on Netflix

This post is inspired by our Global Goal #3: Heartbeat charm. Let's work together to make healthcare a global right. 

Illness is an unavoidable issue worldwide, so it's important to educate ourselves as much as we can. Netflix's new series Diagnosis does just that, in an incredible, modern way.

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The series follows Dr. 
Lisa Sanders as she attempts to help patients with unique illnesses and searches for a diagnosis and cure using wisdom of the crowd methods, meaning she searches for answers from many individuals around the world as opposed to one single expert. Aiding people who experience seizures, paralyzation, heart issues and more, the work done through Sanders and this show is massively inspirational and gives hope to thousands out there dealing with medical mysteries.   

Check it out on Netflix, or read about it on the New York Times!

What are you watching lately?

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