Weekly Wisdom: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Jewelry

Have you checked out our Global Goals collection yet? Each week we’ve been focusing on a different charm alongside the unique sustainable development goal it promotes, and how you can incorporate that ideology into your everyday life.

This week, the focus is on our Wisdom Charm, a 14K gold piece in the form of an owl. What is it about owls that are so intriguing? Is it their enduring symbolism for intelligence, their comforting, woodsy feel, or is it just that they’re really, really cute?


The Wisdom Charm is also a representation of the fourth Global Goal created by the United Nations, signifying “Quality Education”, which aims to provide education for all, despite background or location.


We love the importance, symbolism and history of jewelry, so, in the spirit of learning and knowledge, here’s 10 amazing facts about jewelry!


1. The oldest piece of jewelry ever found was a 100,000-year-old necklace made from sea snail shells in Israel.


2. The word “jewelry” comes from “jewel”. That then comes from the old French word “jouel”, which THEN comes from the latin word “jocale”, which means “plaything”.


3. Throughout history, many cultures kept live insects inside their jewelry. Egyptians used scarab beetles within a necklace for protection in battle, while Victorians in Britain used live beetles for pure regality.


4. The first ever diamonds were mined in India, and the first ever emeralds were mined in Egypt.


5. Pearls are a lot more rare than you may think. One pearl forms out of every 10,000 oysters.


6. Silver is the best conductor out of any metal, best for pairing with heat to melt ice, or to warm up homes.


7. Speaking of silver, it’s said to be the only material to protect yourself from vampires or werewolves… which are totally real, right?


8. The Aztecs of Mexico considered turquoise to be especially sacred, using it for ritualistic masks and ceremonies.


9. The most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn on film was a 1 million dollar diamond necklace that Australian actress Nicole Kidman wore in Moulin Rouge!


10. Fun fact about our company, With Love Darling: most of our jewelry is made right here, locally in Montreal!


Have a great week everyone!



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