Watch Out For Change: With Love Darling's Eye Pendant

At With Love Darling, we're always on the lookout. Some days it's for new ideas to incorporate into our next jewelry collection, other days it's on how we can help make the world just a little bit better than it was before. 

How about you? This year has proven that things on this earth are far from perfect, so we all need to keep our eyes open to what's occurring, and how we can make a change in our lives. 

Our inspiration for these thoughts are made through our new Eye Bracelets, available in Blue Topaz or Multi-Zircon form. Made with either sterling silver or gold vermeil plating, these simple, yet elegant pieces make a statement for you or your loved one.

In the center of the eye, we've integrated the Global Goals colours, symbolizing how we're always focusing on the better future that lies ahead.

Our Eye Bracelets are available to buy online now, in limited supply. Keep a watchful eye on these pieces!

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