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Peace Gold Plated Necklace for Global Goal #16 - With Love Darling

This post is inspired by our Peace Necklace, a part of the Global Goals Collection. Find some inner tranquility today!

Have you read the news lately? Or been staring at your phone for what seems like hours? With this gloomy weather matched with social distancing, nobody will blame you for distracting yourself with social media.

But there's no easy way to say it: things out in the world seem scary right now. News headlines jump from one distressing message to another, and there isn't much solution given to these doom and gloom articles. 

Granted, it's important to keep up to date with the news. It's how we stay connected to the world, and stay informed on crucial issues worldwide. But there comes a time when we hit our limit.

This week, we're challenging you shut off your phone, laptop, what whatever you use to stay connected and put it in another room for an entire evening. Cook a meal, read a book, do a puzzle, take a nap, whatever it takes to help give your mind a break from our ever-changing world! Bustle reported that unplugging from technology every now and then improves your quality of life, helps you sleep, and strengthens your interpersonal communication. We all need a break, and you deserve some peace of mind.

So.... stop reading this, and step away from your screen! We'll be here when you get back. 

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