Time For A Resolution

This week's blog post is inspired by our Global Goal #15: Tree Of Life charm. Sprout into new beginnings this year!


Leading up to the big countdown that catapulted us into 2019, I was asked constantly what my New Year’s resolutions would be. People all around me are vowing to exercise more, get better sleeps, show appreciation for their loved ones, etc. But I couldn’t decide what I wanted to change. I know I want to travel, but doesn’t everyone? I want to promise myself not to worry about things too much, but that’s like asking a fish not to swim.


The word “resolution” has a few different definitions. While primarily it follows the firm decision to do (or not do) something, it also just simply describes one thing: a solution. We make our New Year’s resolutions to solve something that we think needs fixing in our lives, and hope it can make the coming year happier and healthier. But will it?


Sure, exercising more will possibly get you a rockin’ bod and getting better sleeps will make you less crabby in the morning, but maybe we need to stop focusing on the little things and turn our attention to the deep-rooted stuff that can help us out in the long run. Think about the things that make you anxious and question why it’s filling your head with worries. Take time to sit back and think why you’re dreading the upcoming event, and most importantly, consider your options as to how you can fix that. Change is possible in 2019, so let’s start shaking up our inner status-quo.


But hey, let’s not get too down in the dumps. We’re positive that 2019 is going to bring a plethora of exciting times and abundant joys! Let’s pool together our positive attitudes and meet this upcoming year head-on. We can do this!



- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling)

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