Throwback! My Favourite Songs From Way Back When

Yes, I'm a millennial, and yes, I listen to old music. Okay, maybe that fact isn't so groundbreaking, but as a pop music lover (and self-appointed historian), I'm always researching and listening to what was the music of the times before I was born. Here's a little playlist of hidden gems from days gone by.

Joni Mitchell - Car On A Hill 

He makes friends easy, he's not like me. I watch for judgement anxiously. Now where in the city can that boy be?


Joni Mitchell doesn't mess around when it comes to heartbreak. Any of her albums are incredible, but Court and Spark is a personal favourite. "Car On A Hill" focuses on Joni waiting for her current beau to pick her up, and wonders where she stands in the relationship. 

Diana Ross - The Boss 

Love taught me who was the boss.


So who was the boss? Diana Ross' music isn't exactly explicit in what she's talking about, but that's the fun of her music. You can interpret its joyous, loving message any way you want. In the end, I like to think that love itself was the boss.

Jim Croce - Operator

I've overcome the blow, I've learned to take it well. I only wish my words could just convince myself, that it just wasn't real. But that's not the way it feels.


Who knew a conversation with a telephone operator could be such a bummer? Depression aside, this song is probably one of my favourite breakup anthems of all time, detailing Jim trying to get ahold of his ex, who left him for his best friend. Cold!

Madonna - White Heat

I don't want to live out your fantasy. Love's not that easy.


Madonna is a one of the most diverse musical shapeshifters ever, and people don't give her enough credit. "White Heat", from her 80s pop era, is a fun and powerful song about wanting equal footing with her partner.

Genesis - Man On The Corner

Are we just like all the rest? We're looking too hard for something he's got. Or moving too fast to rest.

Phil Collins is seen as a bit of a cornball singer now, but his stuff with his old band Genesis was some 80s gold. We all grapple with loneliness and feelings of isolation in the world, but this song reminds us that we're never alone in those thoughts.


Happy grooving! In the meantime, check out some of these vintage-inspired earrings to go with the mood of the music!

- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at WLD)

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