Music, Movies And TV To Look Forward To This February

Ahhh February. The month of love, winter chills, shortness and..... what else? It can be hard to find reasons to love this short, chilly month, but we have a few things we're really looking forward to! Check them out below:



Music: Ariana Grande: Thank U, Next

Remember the candy-coated pop album Sweetener we got from Ariana just 6 months ago? Fresh off of a highly publicized breakup, Grande is back with another surprise album where she looks into her tumultuous year, and braces for the future. Prepare for an album with fun bops, incredible vocals and lots of memes. It's out on Friday, February 8th.


Movie: Isn't it Romantic? 

Sick of the sickly sweet sentimentality of Valentine's Day everywhere you look? The hilarious Rebel Wilson has a new movie coming out called Isn't It Romantic?, which turns all your favourite rom-com tropes on its head. Wilson plays Natalie, who's disillusioned with the idea of happily ever after. But after getting a concussion, Natalie wakes up in a world that obeys the laws of romantic comedies, and realizes that the concept of love isn't so ridiculous after all. Treat you and your (platonic or romantic) valentine to a hilarious time at the movies on February 13th.


TV: Russian Doll

Need a new TV obsession? Netflix just dropped a new TV series called Russian Doll, an 8-episode comedy starring the great Natasha Lyonne (from Orange Is The New Black). Russian Doll follow Nadia, who dies suddenly during her 36th birthday party. However, moments later Nadia is transported back to the beginning of her party, yet dies again, and again, and again. Trapped in this zany time loop, Nadia has to look back on her life to figure out just why she's trapped in this deadly predicament. While it sounds dark, Russian Doll is a hilarious and poignant look at mid-life crisis, and how we can find the joys of life again. Available now on Netflix!


What are you looking forward to this month? Stay tuned for more updates on Valentine's Day and more!

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