The WLD Book Club: Vol. 2

I was a massive bookworm growing up. I spent my allowances on books, asked for Chapters gift cards for Christmas, and infuriated my teachers by claiming I had already read the books they assigned in class. For my birthday, my dad built me a bookcase that reached my bedroom ceiling so I would stop leaving my books everywhere else in the house. Books were my way of escapism, helping my imagination expand beyond the confines of my small hometown, and challenge myself to think outside of the box. Lately, I haven't been reading as much as I should. University played a huge part in sapping the desire, exhausting me with the constant stream of boring academic texts. And admittedly, it's so much more tempting to turn your brain off and binge a TV show instead of reading after a long day of work. 

Hopefully that changes this fall though! I've been researching on finding some exciting new books, so challenge yourself and try to find it at your nearest bookstore or local library! Check out these books that have caught my eye:


The Largesse Of The Sea Maiden by Denis Johnson 

Finished right before the author's death, The Largesse Of The Sea Maiden is a collection of intriguing short stories about ghosts of the past and the mysteries of the universe. Great if your stories short and sweet!


The Woman In The Window by A.J. Finn

An exciting thriller (that's also being made into a movie starring Amy Adams and Julianne Moore!), The Woman in the Window follows Anna, a recluse who spends her day locked in her house spying on her neighbours. When she witnesses a disturbing crime happening next door, her perfectly isolated world starts to crumble.  


Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

A memoir that's a poignant story of growing up, Small Fry focuses on Brennan-Jobs' childhood and the relationship with her father, Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple. The book is more than just gossipy tidbits about the tech superstar, but more about Brennan-Job's struggle with growth and family.


When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger

Remember the snooty Emily (played by Emily Blunt) from The Devil Wears Prada? The author of the original novel has written a spinoff just for the character, following her as she continues her solo career of being an image consultant for the stars. If you loved the funny and fashionable tone of the original novel, you'll love this.


The Outsider by Stephen King

With Halloween creeping around the corner, it's the perfect time to take a crack at a new Stephen King novel. After a horrific murder in a small town, all evidence points to one of the most well-liked residents, a Little League baseball coach. But is there more to the culprit than meets the eye?


Happy reading everyone! 

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