The Global Goals Charms: Life Under Water

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve been extremely excited about our Global Goals Charm Collection, that's now available to buy! The charms are our own interpretations of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that aim to make the world a better place for future generations. Want to learn more about the goals and our collection? Click here!


To celebrate the collection, we’ll be focusing weekly on each charm and the ideals they represent. What does the charm mean to you, and how can you use its message to help the word in your own special way?


This week: Global Goal #14: Fish Charm


The fish charm is representative of the 14th global goal titled “Life Under Water”. This goal aims to reduce marine pollution, protect and restore ecosystems, and keep sustainable fishing practices. If you love the environment, especially the ocean and all the life forms that reside within it, this charm would be perfect for you.


We chose a little gold fish as the charm for this goal, because it represents all the critters living underwater that we want to protect. The fish is also a symbol for a surprisingly large amount of meanings. Since fish are associated with water, it’s a symbol for purification and healing your mind, body and soul. Some fish, especially koi, are known to be a sign of good luck in Japan.


Need some tips to embrace the fish charm and engage in the goal?


  • Reduce your waste on your next trip to the beach!
  • Do your best to support local and certified fish markets!
  • Check your local events to see if any beach cleanups are happening soon!



Stay tuned for more profiles on our Global Goals charms!



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