The Global Goals and COVID-19: How Can I Help?

It's an uncomfortable truth: the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world forever, and we'll be seeing the lasting effects for some time. So what can we, people who care about improving this world, do? 

Global Citizen has put out a video explaining how COVID-19 will effect the sustainable development goals, showing how the after-effects of this year will impact minorities worldwide.


If you're feeling overwhelmed by the bad news, you're not alone. This is something that we, as a generation, have never truly dealt with before. Keeping your mental health in top form is one thing, but another question you may be asking is: how can I help? 

There's plenty of ways to get started. Let's educate ourselves, and help others understand what's going on in the world and how awareness can bring change. 

Global Citizen has a website that gives tons of fantastic resources on worldwide issues, provides petitions to sign, and emails to send to world leaders. And that's just the beginning. We're learning how we can fighter for a better future too, so we're there with you. Let's get to work. 

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