Take A Breather: Meditation Tips To Get You Through The Dog Days Of Summer

We're nearing the end of summer, but it's not letting us get away too easily. Temperatures are rising, making this past month the hottest July worldwide in history. In my experience, dealing with awful humidity makes my stress levels rise, and I can't seem to focus on my current tasks. Here's a few helpful tips to help centre your mind, calm you down so you can look forward to your next challenge:

1. Download The Headspace App

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Ever hear of Headspace? It's an amazing app filled with meditation podcasts for you to download, and also comes with cute cartoon videos with tips on how to cope with stress, anxiety and other mental health problems. When you need a break from the chaos of every day life, plug in those earphones and listen to a 3-minute mediation. 


2. Listen To Music

Speaking of headphones, sometimes just a simple, relaxing album can soothe your stresses. Walking, lying down, or even continuing to work while listening to chill music can do wonders to help calm you down. My suggestions?

- Florist: Emily Alone

- Clairo: Immunity

- Gillian Welch: Time (The Revelator)

- Bon Iver: Bon Iver


3. Back To The Basics

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This seems like an obvious answer, but just do a simple meditation pose! Breathe deeply, while focusing on your breath. Try and sit cross-legged, with your hands on your knees or folded on your lap. Close your eyes, while not getting distracted by anything in the room. Try aiming for 3-5 minutes of complete silence. Also, if it's hot out, aim to do this in a cool, air-conditioned location!


4. Treat Yourself

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What's a comfort food you can't resist? Sometimes it does the trick in helping out with a rough day. If the food isn't exactly healthy, be careful not to make it a constant cure. Instead, try finding healthy alternatives like fruit smoothies, salads, and more! My favourite? Kale + Matcha smoothies.


What do you do to calm down? Let us know!


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