Statement Earrings: What's Their Story?

Earrings are popular for a variety of reasons. They're cute, customizable, and give your overall outfit of the day an extra pop. The earrings or studs you decide to wear are your statement of individuality, so which will you choose? Here's some of our favourite earrings we have on collection, and what they symbolize.

Arrow Studs: An arrow represents you following your own, individual path. Only you can choose which direction you'll be heading, so follow your arrow wherever it goes!

Gold Leaf Earrings: These leaves are actually laurels, the same kind of foliage Caesar used in his trademark crown. Laurels represent victory, honour and justice. All hail!

Half Moon Studs: We mentioned before that Artemis, greek goddess of the hunt also was the divine symbol for the moon. The moon usually represents femininity, mystery and power.

Coral Earrings: Designed by Isabella Thordsen, these earrings represent the ocean as well as stability and calmness thanks to the Chrysoprase crystals adorned around the earrings. 


Orchid Earrings: Orchids are associated with royalty, fertility and sexuality. These earrings also come with rose quartz and ruby onyx jewels, with the pink and red colours represents true passion.


Happy Friday! xoxo

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