Searching For Connection In A New World

This post is inspired by the Global Goals Charms Bracelet, linking connection worldwide.


This year has pushed us harder than ever to become more comfortable with ourselves. As we find our nights and weekends spent social distancing and sitting indoors, its hard not to miss the simpler days of meeting friends for drinks, having dinners, and just overall being a part of the world. 

But 2020 (and possibly beyond) just isn't like that, and it's time to adapt. Physically, we're confined to the bubbles we live with, whether that be family, roommates, or even just yourself. And as the holidays soon approach, it may be difficult to get through. So how can we connect when connections are more difficult than ever?

Luckily, the power of the internet is am unwavering force. Reach out online to those you haven't spoken to in years and plan a group Zoom meeting, and catch up on this crazy year. Host a yoga session, a movie critique club, or even a music listening session. This year, my friends and I, spread out across Canada, have made a "TV Club", where we're watching classic TV shows, get together every other week, and discuss our favourite moments. The world is at your fingertips. 

Want something more substantial? The world is still planning on how we can move on from this year, and it won't be easy. Look into online volunteer programs for sustainability, activism, and more to join a larger network of people who want to make a difference. The Global Goals website is a fantastic resource for different organizations to look into!

Hold on to yourself this coming winter, but don't be afraid to reach out. The world is changing, but we'll come out stronger on the other side. 

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