Rings Of Fire: A Closer Look At Our Global Goals Rings

In case you missed it, did you know we now have ring versions for 4 of our Global Goals charms?

Rings for the 2nd, 7th, 11th and 17th Goals are available in stunning 18k gold, letting your share your passions anywhere on your hands. Whether it be the Bese Saka, Energy Medallion, Community Diamond, or Partnership Rainbowlet each ring tell the world what cause you want to fight for.


And what about which finger to place the ring on? With so many traditions, superstitions and expectations, it's normal to feel a bit of pause when choosing the finger to house your new ring. Here's some meanings for what each finger means:

Pinky: Intuition, Communication, and Quick Intelligence. Wearing a ring on your pinky has no religious or cultural significance, but it's said to mean that you're a good negotiator, and a true professional. 

Ring Finger: Love and Beauty, Creativity, and Relationships. The most common use for the ring finger is for marriage bands, but it can also symbolize a deep relationship with another special person in your life, romantic or not. It's also associated with the moon!

Middle Finger: Responsibility, Beauty, and Self-Analysis. A lesser-used finger for rings, putting anything on the middle finger is totally your own interpretation. It looks different, but own it!

Pointer Finger: Leadership, Self-Esteem, and Authority. Having an iconic piece of jewelry shows your leadership and commanding presence. Point the way to victory!

Thumb: Self-Assertion and Personal ChoiceWearing a thumb ring on your writing hand shows ambitiousness but with slight hesitation. The other thumb on the passive hand represents inner conflict. Try wearing it on your thumb when you have a big decision to make. 


Be your own canvas, and choose the style that best suits you! How will you style yourself?

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