6 Animal Medallions To Give You Guidance. Which One Fits You?

Did you have a pet growing up? I first started out with a cat, and she terrorized me and my sister constantly. I've still got a small scar on my wrist to prove it! She eventually calmed down with age, but it was when our parents got us a dog that I truly connected with another animal. Our pets are important players in our complicated lives. They provide an unspoken companionship, reduce stress, inspire us to get exercise, and are just pretty darn cute to look at. What was a pet that helped you through tough times?  

We've been so involved in our Global Goals Collection, we thought we'd give another look into our Animal Totem Collection, a set of necklaces that feature gorgeous gold medallions with animals and quotes engraved on either sides. 

In some Native American traditions, it’s believed that each person is connected with nine different animals who will accompany them in some way through life. These different animals, sometimes called spirit animals or spirit guides, each approach us in some way at certain points in our lives and provide representation of something we’re personally lacking, like good instincts, respect for ourselves or the inability to relax and trust oneself. No one can tell you what to do in your life except yourself, but it’s a comforting feeling knowing something out there is looking out for you, and helping provide some sort of guidance.

What animal will guide you? Here's all our current Animal Medallions and their meanings:



Dragonflies signify carefree, breezy attitudes. Problems stressing you out? Try taking on the light mindset of a dragonfly, buzzing through the garden.




We all know the peacock symbolizes royalty and pride. It's hard to love ourselves completely, so take on the fabulousness of the peacock to strut your stuff and own what you have.



Transformation and metamorphosis. Sometimes we feel a little stuck in life, and a change is needed. Let the butterfly medallion help you get the courage for your own personal metamorphosis. 



Lizard's are adept at self-preservation and adaption. Wear this medallion to keep yourself guarded from unwanted vibes and energies.




A hummingbird is a symbol of pure energy and vitality. Busy week ahead? Take on the energy of a fluttering hummingbird to help you get through it.





The whale is a navigator, travelling across a wide and open sea with its destination set in mind. Keep your head looking forward with this medallion.



Grace, elegance and transformation. The swan manages to balance several gorgeous meanings, and you can too. 


Have a great weekend!

- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling) 

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