Our Favourite Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day has been a tradition for as long as we can remember, but no one’s exactly sure where it originated from. In Ancient Greece, spring festivals were held to honour Rhea, the mother of all the infamous gods and goddesses. In 250 B.C., Romans celebrated Hilaria, another spring festival that lasted three whole days and praised mothers, and primarily the deity Cybele, goddess of mothers, fertility and birth. Later on in the 1600s, “Mothering Sunday” started to take place near the end of Lent. English families would celebrate the Virgin Mary, and present their own mothers with flowers to thank them for everything they’ve provided.


Suffice to say, we’ve been honouring the mothering figures in our lives for eons. And for good reason! Our mothers have been our best friends, confidants, teachers and more. They challenge us, present to us a possible future, and make us strive for our own goals. So, it’s time to celebrate them! Mother’s Day is coming on Sunday, May 13th, so whether it’s just a quick phone call, or a cute gift, let the mother figure in your life know how much they mean to you.


Also, stumped on what to get your mom to show her your love? With Love Darling is here to help! These are some of our favourite pieces that are perfect for an elegant and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

Gold Charm Bracelet

This is the perfect starter kit for your mom's charm collection. The string bracelet comes with your choice of gold charm, so choose which one you think perfectly matches with your mom. Can't decide? Keep reading....

Little Girl Charms

Available in regular or small, pair these little charms together to create the perfect representation of the bond between mother and daughter. An extra bonus: the large size is engravable, so you can choose a secret message to appear on it!

Gold XO Earrings

While being classic short form way to say "hugs & kisses", these earrings paired with each other also creates a classy, gold touch. Plus, the zircons add an extra sparkle.


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