The handmade sector is the second largest after agriculture in many poor economies. Dominated by economically vulnerable groups, especially women, as well as refugees and displaced people, it is crucial to achieving the United Nations Development Goals.

With Love Darling is a jewellery brand with commitment to impact at the very core of its growth strategy. As we scale production we plan to engage jewellery producers in low-income countries and have already begun to produce part of our 17-piece Global Goals charm collection in Afghanistan and India.

Jewellery production does not require formal education, but rather skills that are passed on from generation to generation, giving women and men with no access to education the ability earn an income to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

As we grow we are including workshops in other countries such as Kenya, Jordan, Burkina Faso and Turkey – all employing refugees.

At With Love Darling, we believe in using jewellery as a tool that tells your story, and is a symbol of what you experience and believe in.

A piece of jewellery can speak a thousand words. 

What do YOU want to say?

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