Music To Ease Your Mind: Taylor Swift's Folklore + Evermore

Let's be real here: it's been a rough winter. Many of us spent the holidays separated from our families, plans got cancelled, the news was scary, and things seem a little bleak, even one month into 2021. Don't worry, we're still optimistic things are slowly getting better, but it's easy to fall into a rut and get bad case of the blues this winter. 

Many of us turned to music this past year, as it provided us with comforting sounds and company when we were lonely. Harvard Health even published a study on how beneficial music can be for mental health, brain health, and even physical fitness.

Some music that helped us feel less alone? Taylor Swift's two surprise albums from 2020, titled Folklore and Evermore

If you're expecting the pop-y, upbeat radio songs that you've become used to from Taylor Swift, this time she did something a little different. Focusing more on acoustic, low-key sounds and arrangements with guitars and pianos, Folklore and Evermore are two gorgeous, warm, and vast albums that can help lull you into a sense of calm and relaxation. The lyrics follow different stories Taylor wrote herself in quarantine, whether that be ex-lovers, ex-friends, family, happy memories, or pure fantasies. 

So if you're needing a nice warm hug, take a listen to some chill albums like Folklore and Evermore. Your brain will thank you.

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