Mother's Day Profiles: Our Founder, Elisabeth Crossley-Wright

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, we're putting out another profile, starring none other than the founder of With Love Darling, Elisabeth Crossley-Wright!

At 19, Elisabeth joined the Danish Army, and served as an officer in the NATO missions in Bosnia and Kosovo. Whilst pursuing her degree in law, she returned to Kosovo to work for the United Nations.

She has lived in Copenhagen, London, Monaco and is now based in Montreal with her family, and is a true product of international influences and culture.


What, or who, makes you feel your most beautiful?

When I laugh! I feel at my very best when I’m surrounded by happy and humorous people who generously contribute to a fun atmosphere and community. I feel beautiful when I feel a connection to people who I care about and who inspire me. 


What inspires you to be the best mother you can be?

My children inspire me to constantly grow and become the best version of myself. I have often heard people referring to their children as their teachers, and increasingly feel that way about my own. They often surprise me with profound wisdom, and with a simple yet pure way of overcoming obstacles, something I can be guilty of overthinking about. 

My husband also inspires me to be the best mother I can be. He intuitively knows what’s right or wrong and is a great guide and companion to travel through life with. 


Favourite WLD pieces? 

I love all our pieces and they all have a special meaning to me, but I particularly love our Miniature Charm Choker which symbolizes love, strength, closure, victory and hope. I also love the ‘animal totem medallions’. My favourite is probably the Butterfly Medallion with its message of transformation, or the Dragonfly Medallion which encourages you ‘to let your inner light shine’. 

I love that a piece of jewelry can connect you with value and purpose, and ultimately be a little reminder of what you love. 

What’s your daily mantra that helps you get through a busy day?

I love poems by Hafez or Rumi, and in particular the poem ‘The Guesthouse’. I like the idea of welcoming all emotions equally- even the more difficult ones - because they serve as guides to become a better you. I try to live by that notion - although it can be challenging at times. 

On a more practical level, I’m a complete podcast junkie, and find they are great mood changers. It’s difficult to feel down when you’re listening to an exciting interview with a likeable personality, or someone who has made a significant contribution to the world in their own way. At the moment, I’m loving ‘Masters of Scale’, Desert Island Discs’, ‘In Our Time’ and ‘Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations’. 


Who’s someone that inspires you?

Anyone who follows their inspiration and passion inspires me. I find that there’s a shift in a person when they discover how to unlock their own potential, and it usually comes with deep personal satisfaction. Those people are generally very generous in spirit, and fun to be around. 


Biggest challenge about being a mom, and biggest joy?

The biggest challenge is to align everyones interests and often accept that it’s not possible all the time. 

The biggest joy is when every member of the family contributes generously to the group, and everyone is content. 


Favourite way to unwind after a crazy day?

Cooking dinner and enjoying it with my family. I often look at our children across the table and think it’s completely amazing that my husband and I have brought four different personalities into the world. It makes me incredibly happy. 


Here's Elisabeth's favourite poem, "The Guest House" by Jellaludin Rumi.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.

meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.

— Jellaludin Rumi

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