Mother's Day Profiles: Joan Kelley Walker

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we at With Love Darling decided to profile different women each week who inspire, innovate and continue to be fantastic role models! Check out our blog at the end of every week to see who we profile next.

A wife and mother living in Toronto, learn what inspires Joan to work towards her goals


What, or who, makes you feel your most beautiful?


I do! That’s right, I believe that feeling beautiful comes from within and it is our own responsibility. If we rely on others or things, our power is taken away. I have learned that self care is key. It's important to rest, eat well, exercise, and always choose to surround yourself with positivity and love. When you look after yourself, you're guaranteed to feel more confident. That confidence shines on the outside.  



What inspires you to be the best mom/ person you can be?


I would have to say that my kids inspire me to be the best person I can be. When someone is at their best, it affects all aspects of life, including being a mother. They rely on me and look up to me. Knowing this motivates me to always be the best I can be. I try to lead by example, and it is important to also listen just as much as I talk. I make sure to acknowledge their accomplishments, even failures and to allow them to have their independence (now that they're older), and I learn so much from them too! They continue to inspire me every day. 


Favourite pieces from With Love Darling?


My new gold earrings! They go with everything, are super comfortable,  elegant, classy, soft and feminine. I also love my necklace with charms that's on a long chain so it's more like a pendant. I have literally worn it all over the world. I love to have it with me, especially when my kids are not. It reminds me of the close bond we share because one of the charms is heart shaped and has their names on it, so they'll always be in my heart. The other charm is round with “live, love, laugh” on it…words to aspire to. The final piece is a star which to me is a symbol of magic and dreams! 

What’s your daily mantra that helps you get through a busy day?
My friend Lisa gave me a plaque that says “Life is tough my darling, but so are you”. It's on my dressing table and every day it reminds me that no matter what life will throw at me, I can conquer it with grace and poise. 
Who’s someone that inspires you?
Lots of people inspire me! I am inspired by anyone who passionately follows their dream, while being true and taking time to look after themselves. It's tough to find balance in life with all the demands we have on us, but it's important to keep striving, reaching and staying positive. I am also inspired by every mother who cares for their child and who can find happiness in the present moment. Through my travels with World Vision, I was so inspired by how much strength the women had.  To some, their situations were extremely challenging, however they exuded joy and love.  
Biggest challenge about creating the life you desire?
I don't know why, but people often stand in their own way and fixate on obstacles that are simply not there, or not as big of a deal as we make them out to be!  Also, managing time and schedules can be challenging, but the more you focus on it, the better it is.
Favourite way to unwind after a crazy day?
Exercise is my way to shift focus from the frenzy of the day to a place that serves me.  Sometimes it's as simple as a quick walk on the treadmill while watching TV. Not only am I looking after my physical self, peace and inner calm follow. Then, I have a quiet bath most nights to get me settled before I go to sleep. I love my baths!

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more profiles from inspiring, amazing women. xo

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