Meet Our New Charm: The People Cube

As you're well-aware, the Global Goals are divided into 17 different goals, but did you know they're all put into three separate categories?

Planet, People, and Prosperity. Three different factions of the world that we're determined to help make better.

Please welcome the newest member to the With Love Darling jewelry family: The People Cube!

Inspired by the People faction, this charm highlights the 5 Global Goals that fall under that category: 

No Hunger (Bese Saka)

No Poverty (Abundantia)

Good Health (Heartbeat)

Quality Education (Owl)

Gender Equality (Equality Heart) 

All these symbols can be found on this fun little dice-style charm. Put it on a necklace, bracelet or even earring to show which goals you're representing that day!

Head on over HERE to buy one for yourself!

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